speaking of great deals, check out the new New American Writing, edited by Paul Hoover & Maxine Chernoff:

New American Writing 26 (2008) is now available. The issue has an Enrique Chagoya cover, attached, and work by sixty poets: Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, Sylvia Legris, Steve McCaffery, Karen Mac Cormack, Norma Cole, John Kinsella, Gillian Conoley, Clayton Eshleman, Nathaniel Tarn, Claudia Keelan, Donald Revell, Karen Volkman, John Tranter, Ron Padgett, Bill Berkson, Noah Eli Gordon, Liz Waldner, Martine Bellen, Ed Smallfield, Laura Kasischke, Joseph Lease, John Gallaher, Craig Santos Perez, Noelle Kocot, Donna de la Perriere, Kismet Al-Hussaini, Jordan Davis, Mark DuCharme, Molly Albracht, Stephen Vincent, Sarah Gridley, G.C. Waldrep and many others.

(notice the name i accidentally bolded!)

$15 for one issue or $36 for a 3-year subscription. Available from NAW, 369 Molino Avenue, Mill Valley CA 94941, and at better bookstores. If you wish to order copies or obtain a subscription using your credit card, go to their website.


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Ahsahta Press is publishing an unprecedented seven new books of poetry in our 2008–2009 season. Beginning in September, we’ll bring out two collections by poets at the peak of their powers: Stephanie Strickland, whose masterful Zone : Zero is accompanied by an interactive CD, and Charles O. Hartman, whose New & Selected Poems brings together three decades of jazzy innovation. In January, Kathleen Jesme‘s new book The Plum-Stone Game gives us work by a poet D.A. Powell calls “refreshingly unafraid of the sensual powers of poetry.” Also in January, we’ll publish our 2008 Sawtooth Poetry Prize–winning book, the whole Marie by Barbara Maloutas, whose work was chosen from 740 submissions by C.D. Wright. Subscribers will receive Ben Doller‘s FAQ: in March—a follow-up to his Walt Whitman Award–winning first book—as well as first-time author Carrie Olivia Adams‘ filmic Intervening Absence. At season’s end in May we publish Rachel Loden‘s Dick of the
Dead, in which Richard Nixon does his tragicomedic best to bring the world to rights.

If you’re a poetry reader, you can ask your bookstore to carry these books as they come out—but why not place a subscription order with us and find them in your mailbox as soon as they’re published? We’ll give you an amazing discount (40%) *and pick up the shipping*—and you’ll get everything we publish in our 2008–2009 season as they appear in September, January, March, and May.

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Ahsahta Press poetry consistently surprises, delights, challenges, and stimulates the reader. Don’t miss any of it.

*2009 Subscription Season — $75.00 before September 2008*

Stephanie Strickland, *Zone : Zero* (with CD); Charles O. Hartman, *New & Selected Poems*; Kathleen Jesme, *The Plum-Stone Game*; Barbara Maloutas,* the whole Marie,* winner of the 2008 Sawtooth Poetry Prize, selected by C.D. Wright; Ben Doller,* FAQ:*; Carrie Olivia Adams, *Intervening Absence*; Rachel Loden, *Dick of the Dead*

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