ARTIFACT is terrifically happy to announce our re-re-invention of itself as a house reading series (again)! We started off that way & we’re excited to get back to our roots.

Cassandra Smith & her compatriots of The Dollhouse have invited us int their home and for that we are deeply appreciative (& blushing quite a bit)!

*We are going to kick it off on:*

Saturday, April 4th at 7PM

We’re going back to our $3 cover-charge (as opposed to $5), as well as our BYOB air!

The address & directions are:
3263 Kempton Ave
Oakland, CA


*Amanda Davidson *will perform with the assistance of an audio tape, a part of her ongoing homage to lost technologies. With Judith Jordan, she makes a pants-pocket sized zine called *Parted in the Middle*. She hopes that by the time you are reading this bio, her website will be loaded up with new and breathtaking film clips, but even if it isn’t, she hopes that you will visit the site and enjoy the cartoon. Davidson also co-edits *Digital Artifact Magazine*, the Web based, narrative little cousin of the Artifact Reading Series. Look online at digitalartifactmagazine.comfor submission details on* *Issue 3:* We Made This for You Out of Nothing.*

*Dan Fisher* lives on the island. No one seems to know exactly where the island is. You can get to the island via 4 bridges and a tunnel. His poems have appeared in *Bay Poetics, Viz, Lament, Work, Cricket Online Review,*among other places. He also makes collages and drawings under the name Fish Fishtofferson. He’s really excited about being back in a house.

*Kaya Oakes* is the author of *Slanted and Enchanted: Indie Culture in America* (Henry Holt, 2009), and *Telegraph *(Pavement Saw Press, 2007). Her poems and essays have previously appeared in *Kitchen Sink Magazine, Parthenon West Review, Coconut, Volt,* and many other publications. She teaches writing at UC Berkeley. Her website is

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