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1. Sawako Nakayasu
Poetry, 80 pages, offset, smyth-sewn
ISBN13: 978-1-886224-98-8, original paperback $14

Poems unusual for their sense of moving between cultures. Love here is now game, sport, speed-time, performance, now contract, conflict, failure, but always a shifting structure of relation.

Sawako Nakayasu was born in Japan and has lived mostly in the US since the age of six. She is the author of 2 previous books of poetry and several books of translations, including FOR THE FIGHTING SPIRIT OF THE WALNUT by Hiraide which received the “Best Translated Book Award” 2008 from Open Letters. She also edits FACTORIAL magazine.

“An extraordinary voice — an ease that thinly covers a swirling anxiety, a well-honed knowledge of how things turn out; and yet an unending romance with the process of romance, only rarely referential (and never explicit) to the act or state of satisfaction, sexual or otherwise. A sense of youth that is marked by a hope, a sense of possibility.”—Craig Watson

2. Michael Gizzi
Poetry, 72 pages, offset, smyth-sewn
ISBN13: 978-1-886224-96-4, original paperback $14

Intersection of Tragedy and Comedy? Or the almost reckless declarativeness of a mind’s weathering both merriment and distress?

Michael Gizzi’s long list of books includes MY TERZA RIMA and NO BOTH from The Figures, as well as CONTINENTAL HARMONY from Roof Books. He has edited LINGO magazine as well as Hard Presss and, with Craig Watson, Qua Books. He is currently teaching at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

“Razor sharp but also rich and generously compelling, Michael Gizzi’s poetry lambastes as it celebrates”—John Ashbery [on NO BOTH]

3. news: YOU ARE THE BUSINESS by Caroline Dubois (trans. Cole Swensen) was a finalist for the “Best Translated Book Award” 2008 from Open Letters.