From the Agony Column:

OmniDawn first came into my view via ‘Paraspheres,’ a collection of New Fabulist fiction that was wonderfully unique. But their bread and butter, their poetry title list is simply amazing in terms of variety and depth and breadth. If you get on their mailing list — and you should — then you’ll find yourself exposed to an ever-growing world of new voices in poetry, writers who take themselves and their work seriously.

Ken Keegan and Rusty Morrison

What’s more, OmniDawn is an old-fashioned press that is using modern technology to up the ante. They take submissions through their website. They have blogs and the above-mentioned mailing list. They operate out of Richmond, California as if they were in New York, New York. They are unapologetically prolific.

The OmniDawn Team

I gave Rusty Morrison a call to talk to her about her work as an editor and publisher, because frankly, I thought they might have gone under years ago. I got the bonus of talking to Ken Keegan as well. This hasn’t been the sort of publishing climate where you’d expect the explosion of work you see from OmniDawn. The larger houses would probably spend more on catering for a major author event than I am estimating OmniDawn spends in a year for like, everything. You can hear how a successful poetry publisher makes it day-to-day by following this link to the MP3 audio file.