We are very excited to announce the first reviews of one of our forthcoming titles, The Odicy by Cyrus Console!

Stephen Burt has published a special feature for the San Francisco Chronicle which includes a review of The Odicy:

If you want new poets who speak to [literary, cultural and social] history, who critique and confront it, then you will want Cyrus Console’s majestic, aggressive, disturbing second book, The Odicy, from the up-and-coming Richmond press Omnidawn (88 pages; $15.95). It is (as the pun in the title suggests) a broken-up, inside-out, postmodern epic journey, a fractured, frustrated attempt to discover justice, or purpose, or divinity, in our day.

You can read the full feature, which also includes reviews of new books by Joseph Massey and Collier Nogues, here.


Publishers Weekly has given The Odicy a starred review in their July 25th issue:

Very old methods and very new American speech collide, strike sparks, and end up burning brightly indeed in this shockingly memorable book-length sequence, the second volume from Console (The Archetypes).

You can read the full review here.